Over the last decade the sales and deliveries of complete industrial installations to the sub region has increased and TLL’s involvement in project cargo transportation has steadily increased over the years, keeping pace with industry growing needs.

We handle an increasing number of cargo and enquiries and are well positioned to place heavy lift parcels on a full or part cargo charter basis. The modes of delivery and equipment used vary, from prime movers with deeploaders in combination with module trailers which dimensions can be tailored to the characteristics of each individual ‘heavy lift’ or ‘out-of-gauge’ piece of equipment.

As an active and reputed freight forwarder with over twenty years experience in global project services Teamwork Logistics Ltd  utilizes a variety of methods for the safe and efficient shipping of all types of large volume commodities and materials such as :

    • Construction plants and machinery, i.e. transformers, turbines.
    • Rolling cargo, 
    • Static machinery, i.e. mining equipment.
    • Building materials, i.e., steel.
    • chemical products, e.e for the mines

Our project cargo specialists plan, coordinate and supervise the entire process of the operation with a constant emphasis on cargo security and safety to avoid loss, damage and claims and assuring that clean bills of delivery are obtained without a problem.