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At TLL, logistics is much more than the transportation of goods from one point to another.

We take into consideration the many aspects associated with the efficient handling of cargo.

TLL’s group handles your cargo from A to Z with a personalized touch.

Our business planning are as follows:

  • Choice of the means of transport and routing adapted to your needs, in conformity with the rules and regulations of international trade.
  • Logistical services designed especially for your business.
  • Consolidation that allows for substantial savings.
  • Logistical services designed especially for your business.
  • Packing and stowing of your goods.

Client / TLL Responsibilities

As the Client

  • Send Copy of purchase order to Teamwork
  • Advise of any special handling and order deadlines
  • Send all commercial documents to Teamwork


  • purchase order details to agent
  • Agent will contact your shipper to gather details pertaining to your shipment
  • TLL and your agent will recommend and negotiate for the best service available to suit your requirements for each and every order
  • Freight will be tentatively booked based on planned order completion date
  • TLL will issue a booking confirmation advising planned sailing / flight details
  • Agent will assist and advice on export documentation requirements.

Final TLL steps

  • Agent will provide full shipment details upon departure
  • Prealert will be issued by TLL advising complete shipping information.
  • TLL will track and trace your shipment and keep you updated on the movement and expected arrival of your cargo
  • Receive and process your shipment, coordinate customs clearance, ensuring all imports requirements are satisfied
  • Schedule delivery of your cargo to your door