A Ghanaian customs broker is a licensed specialist of operations and obligations pertaining to Ghana Customs laws and regulations on imports. In order to face the complexity of customs compliance and to save time and money, businesses often delegate the logistical and administrative tasks of customs clearance to an experienced customs broker, such as Teamwork Freight Services (TFS)


Teamwork Freight Services provides a comprehensive range of professional customs brokerage services.

As your customs broker, we work on your behalf to obtain the most favorable duty rate your shipment is entitled to

Quick, effective and personalized clearance

We use various release systems, to ensure that your goods are cleared as quickly as possible.

  • Release of goods at all Ghanaian ports of entry
  • Release of goods stored in customs
  • In-Bond Cargo Movement

Our qualified staff sees to it that all of our clients’ expectations, as well as the Ghana government’s many requirements, are met. We communicate electronically with the Ghana Cargo Network (GC NET) through ABI (Automated Brokerage Interface). This computer network transmits pertinent information on your goods to customs, for entry and compliance purposes.

TLL International Brokerage Services

Wherever the entry point, the means of transportation, or the arrival time of your goods, Teamwork Logistics Ltd will help you move forward!
Import Customs Clearance.
International Customs Clearance
International Freight Forwarding
Bonded Warehousing
Export Documentation

TLL International Brokerage Services

Import & Export Permits
Duty Remissions
Inward Processing Remissions
Temporary Entry
Non-Resident Importations
Transportation Planning